Oberdada's capsule

(and bottle of space)

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     e   |  A        \
      r--|-d         |
        <|       ___/__  
    :    |->>      /

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Some of my music can be found here. Though I should say no single example is representative.


An EP available for download from here:

pataphysical conference


Guide to Obscure Metal: intro

Guide to Obscure Metal: reviews I

Guide to Obscure Metal: reviews II

Reviews and thoughts about a few metal bands that I don't know much about

Video synthesis

My approach to digital emulations of analog video synthesis

Modular synths and experimental music

Some brief thoughts about the modular instrument

Drawing portraits

On drawing as an activity, rather than result


Musings from the time of the Going Dark album (2016)

Operation Goindhaarq (pdf, 593 kB)

Early draft version of a booklet that comes with the album Going Dark


Use this oracle program as your personal genie in a bottle or whatever.


How to get lost in space


Next Page Please

Stochastic Motion

To appear here in the near future, I hope:

  • thoughts on rhythmic complexity
  • reading list
  • gouache paintings
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