Drawings, portraits

My prefered pencil is the long kind used by carpenters, sharpened by knife. Lacking the finesse of pencils made for artists it discourages pedantry.

Some of my favourite motives are portraits of persons appearing in videos. Interviews at some lowkey news shows are among the best sources, because the subjects often face the camera in the same direction for extended periods of time. Films and fancy news programs that cut between several camera angles are almost useless.

Drawing images from the computer screen isn't ideal. True, it helps that the image already is 2D, you don't have to make the difficult projection from the three-dimensional world to the flat sheet of paper, but the resolution is often not very good. That's why it helps to have moving images. Not too much motion, just enough to see the subject from a few slightly different angles, speaking, gesturing, smiling or frowning, constantly shifting expression.

Here are a few thrown away examples. That's right, the original drawings don't exist any more. Each file is about 160 kB.

abby 🖼️


face 1 🖼️

face 1

first lady 🖼️

first lady

jesselyn 🖼️


mnar 🖼️


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