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Another kind of political division

=> gemlog/2024-06-26_hitchhikers_guide.gmi 2024-06-26 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Solutions in search of a problem

Re: Music addiction

Concrete poem generator

eter etendi; zo mifra herpa-shemap

Invitation to mail art exchange



RE: The artist's position in society

RE: Le marché a toujours tort

New web hotel

Tombeau du forum synthé-modulaire

Csound: too big to fail?


Impeachment opera

Badiou's manuel d'inesthétique

Random music

Recommendation algorithms: all fail

Degrees of democracy

Two years on gemini

The truth about art

Slow art

Gibson's theory of ecological vision

Minimal audio toolkit

Three variations on a feedback theme

[ANN] Strange Bedfellows

AI Questionnaire

Guy Debord and the Spectacle

AI for creativity and repression

Re: Rewilding Music

SMILE: Progress and collapse

Silence, please


Thoughts on Cecil Taylor

Colour prints

Conviviality with those you've never met

Curatorial thinking, free speech

Patterns in noise

Ellul on nonsense art

Against Interpretation

Art & Images: AI

Cute robots

Hello consumer

The madness

Peptalk update

Video update

Predatory journals

Smil's history of energy

The global battery

A month without internet

Algorithmic and musical complexity

Peptalk (the oracle)

Art spaces


Re: Art fear

ANN: Metal Guide

Behave (Sapolsky)

Art on the internet


Ig-Nobel and copyright

The Web Archive

Drawings for the wastebasket

Six Easy Pieces

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