Pataphysical Conference

Released on January 5, 2023.

The full EP with six tracks in ogg format and album art can be downloaded right here:

Pataphysical Conference (zip file, 64 mb)

If you prefer CD quality flac files, you find it here:

Pataphysical Conference @ the internet archive

The album is also available for streaming:

Pataphysical Conference @ funkwhale

The pataphysicians once opted for the occultation of all their activities in the already obscure Collège de 'Pataphysique till the year 2000, which at that time was so far into the future that it must have appeared like science fiction. And now, with only quaint recollections of Y2K bugs that never materialised, just like the pataphysical Collège — now, today, where are the pataphysicians to be found? Everywhere, but under cover obviously.

cover [jpg, 36 kb]

cover [jpg, 36 kb]

This album follows my convention of one genre per track, no more, no less. It can be listened to on repeat or just once a day, or save it for special occasions. The six tracks were recorded on a four track portastudio using my synths (including one whose tracking has settled on something close to 11-TET, the digital three octave keyboard, eurorack modular) and hawaii guitar. Most of it consists of spontaneous improvisations, sometimes slightly edited.

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